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#332060 - Alison Invited Danny around and I went to the local pub, she phoned my mobile about an hour later and said he’d gone, so I rushed home, and heard the story of how he’d fucked her on our bed. He then knelt between her legs and very slowly pushed his cock into her. Alison agreed and off they continued to meet these guys in a pub called the Coach and Horses out on the road to Harlow I think, anyway when they got there Alison said that the other guy, called Danny, wasn’t bad looking and was a bit of a lad and had a sense of humour, so while Andy and Kym were sitting in the pub sucking face Alison and Danny played pool.

Read Usa 【周六连载】秘密教学(作者:美娜讚 & 鋼鐵王) 第1~50话 Vadia 【周六连载】秘密教学(作者:美娜讚 & 鋼鐵王) 第1~50话

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