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#305541 - right”, she said “no silly a husband like you”, I said that I can be your unofficial husband If you like and that I had a lot of time left for my marriage till then I am yours, when she heard my thought she hugged me tightly and kissed me, tiny drops of tear rolled down to her cheeks from her eyes( probably because I loved her more than any one had ever loved her), I wiped her tears and held her like that in a loving hug and said when ever you feel lonely just come to my room or call me and I’ll be there for you, she said that she couldn’t be any happier and she felt like the luckiest woman alive. I reached behind her, lifted up her shirt and unhooked her bra. My cock again start to harden when she feel that she said to me that we would have to do something about that and she turned towards the wall and placed her hand on it, stretched her legs and I got the hint and placed my now hard cock in her dripping wet cunt.

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Kirika yumura
You are very sexy and this hentai is hot
Luxanna crowngaurd
I must show this to master yoda
Your back dimples are so cute love the smooth lily white skin
Lio fotia
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