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#110443 - Sex Ed Lesson Come on boys let's take our seats and settle down, Helen Boyer said to her class of twenty two boys, we've got a lot of things to cover this afternoon, so let's get cracking!!! I heard from the girls that you got a little bit side tracked during fifth hour, one of the boys in the back row cracked, do ya think we can have the same kind off fun!?! There was tittering all over the room and Miss Boyer had to use her ruler on her desk to restore order, but she ignored the question and told the boys to open their books to page two fifty two!!! Oh, man, Billy Ford pined, never liked 'em, and never will use one!!! I assume that you're referring to our subject for the day, which is condoms, Miss Boyer asked smoothly!?! That's right, Billy shot back quickly, I'm strictly a bare back rider, no glove for this boy's dick!!! There was a smattering of applause and a few way to tell her's from some of the other boys in

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