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#342210 - Nicole said, “This is really you! I thought she was my age!” Pamela said, “Well I’m not your age but I am your size! That’s why I get the jobs! At thirty-six I can still pass for a fourteen-year-old from the neck down!” Nicole said, “But even your face looks young!” Pamela said, “Thanks honey but I know better! However I do get asked for identification if I order alcohol in a restaurant!” Pamela said, “Nicole after seeing you I realize that you and I have the very same body! You are fourteen and I’m thirty-six but we are both five feet two inches tall, weigh a hundred and one pounds, and wear a 32-B bra, size four panties, and size two dresses. Hell yes! I’m not sure that Nicole noticed but I sure did, the underwear was getting skimpier and skimpier, there were more thongs and G-strings, and they were getting very transparent too. Pamela said, “Remember honey your father sees more of your flesh in your bikini than he sees in those!” Then Pamela pointed at the bra an

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