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#188032 - Now very pissed off at this thing I sprang up un hooking my glock but leaving it in its holster and reached for my KBAR knife and planted in the slow squid who let out a ear shattering scream, I left the knife in him and started punching away at his ugly face. Stay here till ghost comes in he will lead you to us’’ jenny said ‘’I can handle myself’’ ‘’your on my team now! Stay with the god damn chopper till ghost comes” The light turned green and I stood up and opened the bay door. I instead un holstered my second glock and reloaded the first ‘’stupid alien bitches! Wait till they taste this’’ I walked down the hall to what looked like a door, I opened it and cursed my luck.

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Himeko kurusugawa
Could you make a hentai where you make him cum as much as possible
Mai hidaka
Who is purple orange man and josh and simon