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#251514 - I’m kind of caught off-guard when Zinnia herself opens the door, Zinnia is the mother, she’s in her early forties, divorced with three children, but that flat stomach doesn’t seem to show any signs of her being a mother, she has an exotic face, some people say that she looks like an Indian princess and I can’t disagree there. I cup her breasts and flick my thumbs over her hard nipples as she slowly start to move up and down my cock, sliding me deeper with each downward plunge, when she has my whole cock inside of her, she leans forward, resting her hands on my chest and look into my eyes as she start to roll her hips forward and backwards, she is breathing deeply as I gently massage her lower back, she start to swivel her hips and gripping my cock with her pussy muscles. I slowly drink the juice starting to feel a bit better, when I’m done she takes the glass from me and go back inside, I wonder why she didn’t talk to me, but dismissed it with a shrug.

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Que porra e essa
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