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#39284 - The next day there was no reply from Amanda and none again the following day, on the 3rd day she had sent a email saying she was coming to savannah arriving on Friday, she had booked a local hotel, close to where I was staying and begged me to meet her at the airport or at least get someone she could trust to meet her as she knew from the internet that savannah could be a dangerous place, I was stunned but knowing Amanda it was pointless to try and change her mind, I had made a close friend William who offered to pick her up if I felt I couldn’t do it and so that’s what happened, I was now living in an apartment only about ¼ mile from the masters Inn where she had booked her room and it was agony waiting for Will to return from his taxi duties, “You have got to go and see her” he said “she is terrified about being alone in this town and she is so fucking beautiful you must be mad not to try to sort this out” Will did not know all the story and I had no intention of enlightening him, bu

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