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#338148 - As the office door opens I turn to look, the secretary walks in with the coffee. Day 2 I go to work the next day still thinking about the night before, wondering if I will see them again that night, I walk into the station bar after work and to my amazement, they are both there at the same table, smiling and sipping their drinks, as I turn to look around the room, I see they have gone, I turn back to my beer and wonder who there are and where there are from. (tbc) ok here is part 2 Day 5 I go to work filled with anticipation at not knowing anybody and not knowing about the new job.

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He s using the wrong gloves he s not a real tattoo artist he needs the black ones
Mio naganohara
Oh my god that middle has such a brilliant body and face but her big lips really turn me on
Inner more pf them both he is a babe with such a sexy accent i need to see his face