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#70718 - The whole time my beautiful wife was going crazy, and screaming out, that she felt it all moving inside her as even now she was absolutely thrusting her ass up off the bed at my sucking mouth and in a mind blowing finality of it all she shook all over and cried out; OOOhhh I'm going t-to cum. And at the very moment my young wife's body limply fell before us as she collapsed in total out of this world pleasure; moaning, and grunting trying in every way she could to even get a breath of much needed air as my eyes suddenly were sat upon something moving down towards me and it was, it was, Snake Ladies hands she'd freed somehow from my wife's shoulders and now used them to push down on her plumped out little belly as that very moment she did, I got flooded from hell with hot juices and cum and I couldn't tell what were from the damn dog and what was coming from my now absolutely gushing wife. And to make it all even worse and even more perverse and de

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