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#189068 - Laura stood up on her bed and slowly pulled down her track pants exposing her drenched laced panties then slowly and sensually pulled them down to her ankles filling the room with a sweaty salty odour throughout the room I closed my eyes to savour the smell of another woman’s pussy the smell was a lot more stronger than mine it took no time filling my nose and dampening my pussy. John looked very surprised at what i was doing with his cum i guess as far as first timers go i was a quick learner that and i read that guys love it when girls play with cum in the most kinky ways. A car started driving behind us Laura broke our sloppy kiss seeing the saliva drip from our mouths as her lips moved away she wiped the corners of her mouth and started driving the rest of the way home like nothing ever happened she didn’t even say a word for the rest of the trip.

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Damn this is a true bbw
Touma kamijou
Anyone know the females name
Dianna soreil
Nice where can i find more of her
Mustadio bunansa
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Tsukune aono
Noticed those haha
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