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#321178 - Kim wraped her legs around his head Harry then started licking and sucking on the clit while fingering her Kim squelled in pleasure the started bucking Harry could not take it anymore he unwraped her legs, stood her up then bent her over the tolite. She gave the girl a potion for curciatus exposere a blood replintishing potion a few droops of essence of dittany onto her leg and arm the wound sealed over and looked days old rather than hours, then a sleeping potion. Harry set on a couch in the living area and read a Dark Arts book from Slytherin's valt he found counter curses for previously incurable curses like the magic destoryer a curse that painfuly destroys your magical core and make the victum implode after two hours another for the entrail expelling curse and a simple spell to counter the entrail knoting curse.

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