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#112363 - I assure you that I was absolutely desperate, alone and needy in that aspect. Where will these kids learn these things better than in our own homes or with women who truly love them? Who’s going to treat them better or who’s going to love them more than the women who have watched them grow up like their mothers, aunts or neighbors? And what if we avoid unnecessary risks that they go out with sluts who go riding dick to dick just because they were gifted sexy bodies and that could have any disease for being the sluts that they are, if it turns out that our kids are shy, they’re not going to be compassionate of him, delicate or tender any of those whores who will gossip their other whore-friends, that because he was nervous or because he hadn't done it before “came before time and was a piece of shit” or that “he’s terrible and doesn’t know how to do it”.

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