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#258249 - I didn’t see Rachel for a few days, and then on the Wednesday I was walking around the course with the club secretary, he had been told about a few things that needed looking at, and I heard ‘peep, peep’, when Rachel came beside us she asked if I was coming to her party, I asked her to wait until I had finished with my boss, he asked who she was, “One of the girls from the neighbourhood, she’s over here most days riding her bike” he told me we could finish the inspection later as she was obviously excited and wanted to talk with me. Five days later on the Wednesday we set off, we had a relaxing steady drive down, arriving at the hotel after 7pm, I went to book us in while Emily went to the toilet, when she came up to the front desk she was greeted with me trying to explain that Emily was my daughter and not my wife as they had thought, the receptionist was apologetic but told me the person that took the booking had assumed as we had the same surname we were husband and wife and had bo

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