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#340835 - It had come for them just as they were about to turn back, the darkness that had lain ahead of them exploding with a flash of blinding green, a hot fluid striking against them that had slicked their skin, coated their bodies and temporarily stunned them, when the beasts long appendages had struck forth, avoiding the wild swing of his blade and enraptured his sister, binding her and disarming her, dragging her towards it as more and more of its long, phallic tipped fleshy members wrapped around her, taking her. He moved onto his knees, leaning forward as his now huge full soft breasts rested on the cool stone of the floor. “W-why? Please! I need to!” He pleaded with the silent beast, his hand moving to cup and squeeze at his once more swelling breasts, the flesh sensitive and soft under his questing fingers.

Read Outdoors Tenkiame no Muko - Original Stepsiblings Tenkiame no Muko

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