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#351975 - Then, after giving her and me a chance to rest and recover, I sit back down at my seat, saying, “Okay guys, we have a meeting to finish!” We all sit in our seats, fully naked and finish the meeting, back to the business-like fashion. One of the guys idly starts massaging a breast of his female coworker girl who blushes, but then enjoys the attention, and the second guy starts massaging her other breast also. After a little bit, I bring my hand up to my mouth, with a big blob of my juices on it, and taste it (doing this as if its very natural…) I then get up from the chair and walk over to the girl who works for me who is closest to me, kneel behind her (so that my head is on the same level as hers), and reach around her to hug her and massage her breasts, going inside her blouse to massage her breasts directly.

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