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#251577 - But she is a milf that damn sure turns mens heads at every corner. I turned around to head back into the living room with it I could see plain as day that she was stairing at Yellar and her body was squirming around like it was posessed by some strange ritual way of it happening and I damn well knew now for damn sure that before this nite was over I was going to see ol' Yellar burry that red hot long ass cock of his in places in her that she'd never had visited before!! Returning to the living room I sat down next to her and handed her the drink and said; So do you want Yellar to make luv to you like you have never had it before? She just shook all over like being chilled to the bone sort of way and said; Hhheee won't hhhurt mmmee wwwillll hhheee? I then said: No Traci Yellar is not agressive like some.

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