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#117991 - When we got home Carol said 'I am so horny again and I have had at least a dozen small cum's since we left the house but I am needing a proper long hard cum and as soon as possible' so I led her to the toilet and told her 'Stand in the bath and bend over as far as you can for me' she did and I stood behind her and told her 'Clench your bum again and as I pull the plug out I will replace it as fast as I can with my prick' and as soon as I pulled the plug out she started to spray water everywhere and I shoved my rock-solid prick up her arse as hard as I could and about fifteen minutes later we both came as hard as we ever have, we did end up with shitty water everywhere in the bathroom but that shag was among the truly great shags of ALL time for us. Carol said 'I hope I don't leak when I sit down' and I said 'It's ok I have wet wipes to clean the seat before you sit down but make sure you lift the back of your dress up as yo

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I love women like this
Ivan fiore
She s a keeper
At a public park and when i introduced him to my wife i told her to get naked right where she was standing and walk into the trail
I cant decide between red or blue lol