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#168694 - Ayame is sure that if she can escape with her Orc Son and raise him alone, away from all violent and sexual stimuly then her Orc Son won't try to rape and impregnate her when he's old enough. Merik says Is this the Taimanin you told me about? The one who thinks she can raise her Orc Son? Rikimarue smiles and says Yes, she's not to smart but she is sexy, I've tried to tell her that her Orc Son would rape and impregnate her the first chance he got but she's stubborn . As Ayame sleeps Merik touches her face, Merik looks at Rikimarue and says I'm giving her a nightmare where her now adult Orc Son is raping and impregnating her , Rikimarue smiles and says Nice, let's see if she still wants her Orc Son after that .

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