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#310592 - He tied her to his bed unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her skirt up and cut her bra and panties off! Then pinched played with her tits and clit this was followed by sucking her off she was 15 he was 19! It scared the crap out of her, but was so much better than masturbating it also perked her interest in bondage and oral sex! The only thing that kept her from getting her brains fucked out that night was that his parents came home unexpectedly! This experience set her up for me when I came along several yrs later. She, at first wanted to go places where we might get caught! Shortly after, because of and do to her upbringing and religious back ground the blindfold came into play, and over the years I have taken her out to adult motels out buildings my friend Steve's basement and of course parking in the woods and hills surrounding this area and later in Northern Calif and later yet in the north west numerous times, all naked bound and blindfolded, wearing only a coat! Once

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