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#333812 - We continued on toward the lake, with every step drinking more joy and harmony, until we finally arrived on the shore, Jason dropped his pack and I followed suit, relived to be removing the bags that had been weighing me down, as I looked on the sandy beach fringed by native bush and towering cliffs on the point, Jason pointed to these prominent cliffs and calmly stated “that is where we will climb today” and before I could respond he turned and started to unpack his pack, as I adsorbed the surroundings, lost in my own world of thought. When I emerged form the tent, after making my tempry home as comfortable as possible, I found Jason sitting on a stump staring out across the lake, I automatically sat next to him, and without hesitation or recognition of my presence he handed me a coffee, and continued his indulgence of the view, as I sat next to him I felt as if he had changed, I turned to see if it was visible, to my surprise it was, it looked as if he lost five years in journey he

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