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#326130 - Even she couldn’t believe she got this ready for dinner even putting on her glossy lipstick and black leggings and her killer smile. I got three ropes of cum out that morning and she was eager to swallow the whole dump, “That was amazing Moni”I said when I saw a look of despair wash over her face(it was a cute look on her) “But you only let out 3 ropes of cum this time,am sorry am not that good”she whispered under her breath face down “Are you kidding,am lucky to have 3 ropes of cum left in my arsenal after our time yesternight”I reassured her and saw the despair crumble as she beamed in delight It was an endearing moment as I watched her come up for a kiss and planted one on me. She tapped twice on the cabin steel door and watched it hiss open.

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