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#156545 - We walked into the woods just before the golf course and sat down on a big fallen log covered by bushes all round! As we sat down on the log I asked her if she liked me. I looked over at chase who was walking towards her sister and immediately regretted ever doing anything with her! I knew that she would have told her sister all about me and that I probably wouldn’t have a chance in hell with her, but still I went over and began talking to her straight away all the same! I could see the jealous glint of chases eyes, but the way Stacey reacted to me made her smile, and she looked me and smiled before she walked away. Now this came as a shock to me because she really hadn’t gave off any signals of us being anything more than friends and I couldn’t help smiling in relief “I thought you weren’t interested in me considering how many times ive tried to flirt with you and got no response!” “yeh well chase doesn’t want me to go near you, she thinks I’m just going to get used just like all

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Omg you have a perfect body and that cumshot made me so thirsty
Thank you
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