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#61607 - He lay in front of me now, shocked by the sight he had just seen, horse cum showing up white on his skin, I stood over him and dropped out more, including what every cum was left from his session too, his face was one of pure delight. All day Saturday guys turned up and used our bodies, when either of us felt ready we took on a horse to give them a show, Joy always gets the most guys watching, which is expected, bt I enjoy them just as much, we saw Steve talking to the guys, some we had never seen, others had fucked us before, but still more turned up. I took on the next horse, his cock going in nicely, it sure does help sniffing the amyl though to loosen our anus, as thier cocks are huge, but once in, what a feeling.

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Ive been in a similar situation you wanna bust so badly super early and it catches you off guard so you needa switch things up a bit to not cum hahha
Ruby kurosawa
So sexy
Caren ortensia
Omg she is fine af