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#6022 - She hastily removed her bra and skirt in order to rush over to Hermione, who was now moaning every few seconds. Again she felt herself tense up, and before she knew it she was once again cumming all over the toy, as she felt it hit deeper inside her pussy every time, almost in sync Hermione dropped the spells that she had Ginny under, simultaneously the toy dropped out of her pussy, with all her strength she lunged her hand towards her pussy, rubbing furiously she started squirting all over the bed, arcing into a crab like position she sprayed once or twice, screaming along with the jets of cum. Meanwhile with her other hand she grabbed Hermione’s locks of hair and forced Hermione to lick and tongue more of her pussy.

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Kagura mutsuki
Its a sin not fucking that hot bitch but let her do that to you
Cure berry