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#73412 - This is my first fiction guys hope u like it I just checked into the hotel with my never thought I would have such a good day we went into to our rooms got fresh and then went down to the beach I noticed lots of bikini ridden girls there that I got an immediate boner After playing around for sometime I found myself getting even more horny and then I decided to go the bathroom at that time I always saw a few hunks there and almost came in my shorts it's not that I was gay and all but I was a bit bi curious I was about 14 in age had 6 inch long dick was 5*10 at the least and was pretty handsome and I was filled hormones and wanted sex a lot So when was my family was going back to the hotel I told them to go ahead and that's would pee and come back my family said no problem and went ahead So I turned around and went too bathroom close tithe beach thinking that once I reached there I could jack off so I went into the beach and went to the,at urinal hoping to pee before goin

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