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#380930 - We'll stop here and get something to eat, said Bill, you look like you could use a bite! That's okay, Jill replied, I'll just wait here if it's all right with you? Honey, he said gently, it's on me, now come on and let's eat!!! She was famished, and this good Samaritan was making her an offer she couldn't refuse, so she hopped out of the car and joined Bill Doud for supper. The next thing Jill knew she was entangled in a mass of naked female flesh, with mouths biting, nipping and sucking at all of her openings. They finished eating and were walking past her, when the bigger of the two stopped and asked her, You on the road, baby? Trying to act tough, Jill blew a cloud of smoke in his face and retorted, What's it to you anyway!?! The big burly man eyed her with a quizzical smile and replied, Well, I just thought you might need a lift, but if you're gonna act like a little cunt, I don't give fuck! He turned an started

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Iori watanuki
Hiromi yuasa
Those few seconds where you ride him are the best
Woooow xoxo