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#333275 - I lowered my head towards his dick and licked its shiny head, passing the tip of my tongue over its head and its length, then I wrapped my lips around it softly, barely touching it, and started sliding the head inside my mouth, it was big, I had to stretch my lips to the fullest they could, to get it in my mouth, but I managed easily. While doing this and that, his other hand found its way down to my pussy so easy, as I had nothing covering it, I tried harder to push a way but he started rubbing all over my body softly and passionately, no force was used and no pain was caused whatsoever, my struggling strength was going less and less till it had completely vanished, a sudden, uncontrollable moan, escaped from my mouth with my eyes closed. True he had to fight his way to my body, but it just had to be that way, I could not give up easily to the father of my neighbor and best female friend, even if I wanted to, or was tempted.

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Pao-lin huang
I just watched because i have the same laptop
Holy fuck thats hot