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#315768 - When I give you a fucking compliment you accept with a thank you, second you will call me Sir, show respect where respect is due, third you will be grateful for all i allow you to do for me today, show that gratefulness when instructed too Emily couldn't believe what she was hearing, Sir! what respect does he deserve ,and grateful! he plans to rape and molest her and expects her to say thank you in return! she was outraged, which apparently was clear to Zane at that moment. The fact was that Kayla had for sure had an orgasm, Emily could not believe what was transpiring, wondering weather the fact that her fingers sliding in and out of Kayla's soft wet pussy caused her to lose control momentarily, or was it merely the fact that they prefer each other to the horror that surrounded them in that kitchen. alright so here is whats going to happen bitches, my buddy here needs to get his fuck on, He will be fuckin you slut leaning down toward Emily who still lay on the ground.

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