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#106344 - (i gave harveys dad the cheque and i will carry on from when we was flying back from new york) so on the plain back me and harvey was enjoying first class i looked over at my hustband and sore him feeling his dick up i said harvey stop feeling your self up in public harvey looked at me and said i cant help it i get weird erection when im on a plain i started laughting and harvey said it isnt funny babe its embarresing so we landed back in la and harveys eretion had gone down we cleared customes and and that stuff and drove back to are apartment when we got back to the apartment i was so fucking angry at dean i put my keys in the door and was greated by a massive smell of liquor and people me and harvey didnt know sleeping in are bed the floor even in our shower we walked into the living room and all of sudden harvey shouted DEAN!! he walked out of mine and harveys bedroom in just his boxer shorts and said hey man how was new york i thought you was back tomorrow i said

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