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#286692 - 10 minutes later I was still done up as Peter walked in the door, I hadn't told him everything, just that there was a piece of tail in it for him if he showed up, the look on his face was priceless, Emily was still asleep and I told him to go to town on her while I recuperated, when he disrobed I saw that while I was a little thick, he was a monster, 10 inches and thicker than my wrist, as soon as he put it in her she woke and screamed again, that was all it took to get me going again, I got up behind her and positioned myself so that as she rocked back she would push her asshole onto my cock, when she did she seemed to go limp, then she started to rock onto our dicks, soon I untied her so we could really get to it and I let Pete take the back door for the finish, she was sop crazed by sexual delight by then that she didn't even seem to notice the meat changing places on her until Pete almost ripped her ass in two, then she came, then we came. The first thing on my mind wa

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Cure amour | ruru amour
Im only here to listen to those kisses lol
Koyori tsumujikaze
Sempre guarda o melhor pro final mas pelo menos vale a pena
She is able to make me cum every time she posts a hentai
Umetarou nozaki
Hey thanks