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#49443 - After the meeting ends we all go into the TV room and Gina bring the girl over to me I ask her what’s her name and she says Tammy and it just had to one of my trainees I ask her what’s the problem and she tells me that she doesn’t want to be here when she is done I ask her did she attend the meeting with Mistress Ann and she says that she did so I remind her and the rest of them that I am Master D and that she will disrespect me so I ask what is her other problem and she says that she doesn’t want to share a room so I tell her that she doesn’t have a choice and that because she made a fuss she will be punished when I tell her to raise her dress she tried to run I grab her by the arm and bend her over my lap and I begin spanking the hell out of her she is trying to kick when I tell her that if she continues I whisper in her ear that I have a friend who likes to fuck girls while he has his hand wrapped around their necks and one phone call to him and she will be dead in 24 hours she stop

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Ray beams
I love her boobs bound
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