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#263393 - The evening came to an end and we walked back to the caravans everyone was in high spirits, later Silvia informed me why she was grinning, it seemed Maurice had been running his hand up her legs, she confessed that she was going to let him fuck her then have me lick her clean before l fucked her. Her pussy hole was warm l spread her lips and slid my tongue from the bottom right up to her clit, she tasted very salty, but l didn’t stop licking, l sucked harder a thick load of Maurice’s spunk shot into my mouth causing me to cough, l couldn’t get enough of her spunk filled hole l was more than happy to suck and lick Silvia’s pussy all night, but she put her hands either side of my head and guided me up to her tits then ordered l had a feed before fucking her, l wasn’t going to argue and sucked her tits like l was going to suck them dry, Silvia softly told me to put my seed in her womb as my spunk was what she really needed.

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Poppu harukaze
Always my favorite you even get to hear her voice in this one lol
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How big is the guys dick