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#58273 - He pulls his cock out of her and she collapses on the cum covered floor, with even more of his cum leaking out of her pussy and on to the ground, her stomach is full of Ou - Chans sperm so when Ou - Chan rams his huge monster cock back into her pussy she starts vomiting sperm. Ayame has named her Orc Son Leon after her Father and together Ayame and Leon are happy, Leon is now a fully grown adult Orc and one night while having dinner with his Mother Leons flips the dinner table over and tears off the clothes his Mother makes him wear exposing his massive erection. Ayame knows she's dreaming but she can't wake up, she knew she was dreaming becasue she can't remember how she escaped from Rikimarue and Merik, she can't remember where she and her Orc Son have been living, how she was able to support her Son and herself and how she's was raped moments ago but is now around 8 month pregnant.

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Rei kagura
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He could see the future and that hoe ruined it