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#317880 - Back in Rikimarues house Merik watches Ayame shave her long legs and take a shower and then dry off, now sitting on her bed Merik says Rikimarue has gone to Taimanin HQ to report in but he should be back soon and he leaves the room to go get Ayames Orc Son. Ayame wakes up after Merik touches her face again and she sees Rikimarue and Merik and says Hello masters , Rikimarue says What were you dreaming about? Ayame smiles and says I had two dreams where my adult Orc Son raped and impregnated me master . Rikimarue smiles and says Yes she knows that at any momemt we can easily send her to that pocket dimension and leave her there with Ou - Chan for as long as we want so I highly doubt she'll try anything foolish .

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