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#347959 - Then in the corner of the room, a foot was visible, Hermione rushed over to the corner and snatched at thin air, Grabbing hold of something, that she knew must be the invisibility cloak, Hermione slung the cloak off, revealing Ginny as naked as the day she was born. Then she took a position on his bed, lying gracefully next to him, “Harry, it’s been going on too long, we’ve agreed its wrong, not telling you that is” Hermione whispered shakily Harry drifting from being asleep and awake cumsly listened on. Slowly Hermione crawled up into the boys dormitories, Neville wasn’t in the dorm, because his parents were showing promising signs of improvement, they could now talk freely without forgetting who there talking to and what they’ve already said, This meant that Neville finally had his parents back after 16 years of miserable living, rather like Harry.

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