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#218976 - After the last hour of text messaging, he had told me that tonight I would be “in for it” I answered the door and he walked in and turned to face me as I shut the door, when I turned around his hand went straight to my hair, grabbing a big chunk of it he pulled my neck backwards and thrust his tongue into my mouth, to remind me I was his to do with as he pleased. He unfastened my restraints and told my to stand before him. From the smile on his face I could see he was loving every minute of my torture.

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Serenity wheeler
Very very cool
L lawliet
Very nice i like how focused she is on his pleasure it would be nice if she could take him deeper into her mouth
Love this pose your bare feet in the background give it that little extra
Akira tachibana
Oh my fuck yoo i think this is my old house in spring houston txit looks exactly like this i have to know if you see this op dm please