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#129479 - ” Peter slid down a little in the spa water pulling Jan down to meet his face, whilst Sally passes me the bottle of coconut oil I squirt it into her hand and she gently rubs it all over my hard cock as previously arranged by Peter. When Jan’s orgasm subsided a little, she untangled herself, slid to the bottom of the spa and manoeuvred herself across the bottom until she was face to face with Sally whereby she asked Sally if it was ok to fuck her husband, quick as a flash Sally replied “I thought that was what we were here for darling, to have some fun, but first you must kiss me before you go back to playing with the boys” “Kiss you, what about Jim? Aren’t you going to have him?” No not yet, he can wait! I just want to relax here a little longer and watch the three of you that is after we kiss” replied Sally. Sally worked the kiss probing into Jan’s mouth with her tongue until Jan finally responded and when Sally felt a hand on her breast she knew she had finally tamed Jan into th

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