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#162750 - The more knowledgeable among them—for some had already tried their hand at gourmet cooking—realized that that had probably just become impossible—that the jerking of Jeff’s thighs was by now only neuro-chemical reaction in the juicy beef. The overpowered rebels had conveniently served to swell the ranks of the newly acquired human capital commodities, which had been numerous enough thanks to the preceding legal processing of the masses of the unemployed and impoverished. The humiliation and sheer embarrassment—and of course the intense resentment and anger—that had once fixed his awareness as he had been paraded on his leash and collar, hands manacled behind his already sweating back, from the kitchen through the laughing, poking, cocktail-spilling crowd of guests to the barbecue pit and the spit, had yielded completely to the torturing reality of fiery burning heat as Jeff’s roasting progressed.

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The girl with the slightly lighter hair is cathy heaven
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Hot girl