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#414072 - When we get upstairs Rob is still mad as I am we must get to our class I tell Sara to take food down to her and that she is being monitored I tell her no knives or forks and that if she starts shit to call me. I go over the rules again to remind them where they are at and what they are they are all naked and I ask Billy if he is gay and he says no and when he doesn’t say Master I grab him by his hair and drag him over to the bar and cuff him to it and I grab a short whip and I give him 20 quick slaps on his ass and then I tell him that he forgot to say no Sir I also tell him that he is now because he may have a male Master so a dick will be going up his ass whether he likes it on not and he will be learning how to suck one my dick is so hard I might have to fuck his face now, but I will wait. I begin thrusting into him as he moan his ass tightens on my dick as I here Sonya cumming and she is loud I reach around Rob and squeeze her breast when I pull out and push bad in and I hit it s

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