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#272112 - hey everyone me and harvey are thinking about coming back to write are story because we both love all you guys and miss you all so time for an update -me and harvey are still together and still married -my brother is back in jail for drug useage -blake hasnt talk to me since we was accused of being fake -we are still in L. A - o and one last little thing we are two months pregrant starting from yesterday me and harvey got out of bed about 8ish and had some breakfast i said to harvey babe i miss writting are story harvey walked over to me and gave me a hug and said why dont you start rewritting it babe screw what the jerks on there say i laughted at harvey but he said he was serious and i thought to my self why shouldnt i carry on doing something i enjoy just because a few people cant get over my spelling misstakes and they dont believe in my life so anyway later on that day i got into my car and drove over to my moms when i got there she answer the door to me and t

Read Man [Clone Ningen] Shinjuiro no Zanzou ~Kazoku ga Neshizumatta Ato de~ Ch. 6 [English] Amador Shinjuiro no ZanzouCh. 6

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