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#156322 - Sex Bucket List 1 have a girl swallow my cum X 2 have sex with my crush 3 cum in a girls pussy 4 have anal sex 5 cum in a girls ass 6 have a threesome 7 have a girl pee in my mouth 8 have a girl sit on my face 9 have sex in a public toilet 10 have unprotected sex 11 have a girlfriend i can bang whenever i want Thank you for reading my first story its not as kinky compared to most stories but i promise any one that chooses to follow this series i promise you that the sex gets more kinkier dirtier and funner i promise you that! theres almost 10 years of sexual adventures i plan to write about. Time passed i looked outside my window to see Amy walking up my driveway a wave of jitterness travelled through my body as i saw here come closer to my front door. Once Amy came in we sat and tried to get rid of the awkwardness between us Amy was more of a emotional romantic girl so it was hard to separate the sex from romance with her well this was her first time so i g

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