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#33642 - In a line of beauty queens standing like statues, she would have claimed attention – but it was in motion that she really became supreme, with the lightness of her moves and her dancer’s instinctive feel for poise, turn and step. The clinch was not so much the large fee which she offered (they were near the best in their field, after all, and used to that), but her promise that at every stop they would have a hotel room next to hers with a connecting door, and that the three of them would pull as much foreign pussy as they could get! The ‘Open My Heart’ tour went down in the annals of rock history, partly for its huge public success and critical acclaim, and partly for the sexual athletics of the three women – although the latter were only rumoured privately amongst industry insiders and never put in print. She had told herself then that she had no time for relationships with men, but now she realised that it was just as much that she had no desire for them either.

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