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#147124 - The cover of the game was bright blue, white, green and gold with a beautiful female Knight in front in full battle armor standing on the edge of a cliff surrounded by a dark, green forest, a red and black dragon breathing fire in the background and a beautiful she-elf, with long black hair and blue eyes standing next to the Knight with her wrists bound with a basic rope, her face was bruised and bloody, one of her eyes was swollen shut and her clothes were slashed open and partially ripped off, because of that you could see the tops of her Areolas and the soft looking fuzz of hair on her pussy. He raised his fingers to his mouth and sucked her sweet blood off his nails. The story begins on one fateful, dark and stormy night in a small town, not unlike any other one.

Read Namorada Enbo! Ch. 1-2 Bangkok Enbo! Ch. 1-2

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