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#101191 - Laura was a little heavier, however as a result she had perfect 32D tits, her ass was obviously, a bit bigger than amy's but she compensated by wearing tight fitting clothes that outlined her body perfectly, she had a cute face and a smile that could leave you staring off into space, however, she was a little shy and she very rarely smiled, it seemed she only smiled for her mom and me, leaving me to think that she had a bit of a crush on me, Im pretty outgoing, had a few girlfriends, even got a blowjob off one a couple of times, however, no actual vaginal sex. I bought a shot off john and drank it in one, he was about to deal another when the door slammed open and the police burst in, john quickly gave me the gin and ran, the cops followed him and i snuck into the cubicle next to me, there i shoved the half full bottle down my trousers and set off. I eventually heard that someone had snuck some gin in and went in search of it, I found john (guy who got it) in the toilet,

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