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#319547 - It wasn’t long before I had the feeling I had when I was about to cum, I was going to tell them, but decided to let them find out what they were doing would do to me. She got me laying between her legs and reached down to my cock and told me to move forwards, as I did she guided my cock into her vagina, now for a woman of 34 to have my small cock in her I would have thought was hardly worth the bother, but mom seemed to enjoy the feeling, She have me move back and forth a few time’s then said to the girls, “See I told you it could fit in easily” “But mom, your older and your vagina is so much different to ours” Mom told me to get off and turned to Rachel, she had her lay down and told me to get between her legs and I had with her, she then reached between us and took my cock and held it to Rachel’s slit, “Push forwards, but real slow” I did as she had said and I felt Rachel’s slit resist me, but not for long as it opened and let the tip of my cock enter, “Stop” I wondered wh

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Yuuki konno
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