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#369723 - 6 foot, brunette, memorizing blue eyes, flat stomach, tight ass and the roundest breast in school, a pair of 36C’s. I start walking up to the door when she runs out of her house telling me to hurry back to the car. I grab the camera and take some more pictures of her swollen pussy as she posses some more she find my hard dick and starts to lick it I get undressed and now she really is having a good time with my dick “ your dick looks and feels so much bigger than last time” she says “well you have me sprung like never before!” “oh I see well if I move my ass right hear and let you fuck me like a dirty slut you would like that?” Kayla now has me speechless moving her tight ass up and down my crotch like a stripper I finally take hold of her hips and position my dick just at the tip of her hole “FUCK ME!” she yells.

Read Sucking Dick Otonari-kun, Ojama shimasu - Original Gay Fetish Otonari-kun, Ojama shimasu

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